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    Domestic Range

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    Domestic Range

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    Domestic Range

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Biomass Engineering

Biomass Engineering supplies the most innovative and efficiently engineered biomass solutions. We provide full turnkey biomass solutions from the initial feasibility through to long term maintenance contracts.

Biomass Engineering is the main distributor for Fröling biomass boilers in the Republic of Ireland. Fröling are a world leading hi-tech biomass boiler manufacturer with factories in Austria and Germany.

Biomass heating solutions offer the opportunity to create indigenous industry, cut fossil fuel imports and slash both heating costs and carbon emissions.

Fröling Biomass Boiler Products

Fröling Domestic Range

Froling P1

Occupying just 0.38 m² of space, the P1 Pellet boiler sets new standards. The new P1 Pellet stands out for its quiet operation and ease of use...

Froling S1

The new S1 Turbo stands out for its high efficiency and long refilling intervals, combined with low emissions and low energy consumption...

Froling S3

The S3 Turbo offers top quality boiler technology for a mid-range price. It concentrates on the most important points and includes a lot of features...

Froling S4

The S4 Turbo allows you to burn half-metre pieces of firewood even from an output of 15 kW. Fröling has developed the tested cylindrical combustion...

Froling SP Dual

The SP Dual firewood and pellet boiler combines two well designed systems. It fulfils all the requirements for firewood and pellet fuels in two separate...

Fröling Commercial Range

Froling Lambdamat

Offers robust pioneering wood heating technology to meet the highest of demands, Automatic ignition sequence, Self cleaning heat...

Froling Turbomat

Fully automated and highly efficient wood burner, it also has an impressive control system. Efficiently burn both seasoned wood chips and pellets ...

Froling TX

The Fröling TX can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its well-designed fully automatic system, Significant space savings....

Froling P4

The Fröling P4 is amazingly easy to use, saving on installation and operating costs, Weather compensated heating controls for up to 18...

Froling T4

Efficiently burns both wood chips and pellets due to its intelligent, fully automatic system, Low energy consumption, High efficiency...