Fröling TX

User friendly, sturdy, economical and reliable: the Fröling TX is guaranteed to impress in every aspect. This boiler can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its well-designed fully automatic system.

Fröling also offer a wide range of fuel feeder systems for virtually all requirements. Optimum energy consumption is ensured by the detailed system engineering. This means the Fröling TX can offer reliable, high-quality heating.

The Fröling TX delivers substantial cost and space savings compared to the TM wet wood boiler.

  • Fuel: Woodchip up to 30% moisture content / Wood pellet
  • Output options: 200kW & 250kW
  • Efficiently burn both seasoned wood chips and pellets
  • Contains features from both the Turbomat and Turbomatic boilers, (e.g. tipping grate from Turbomatic with inclined pre-grate)
  • H3200 control system that is user friendly and can be networked with all other small boilers
  • Significant space savings compared to TM of same output
Fröling TX Biomass Boiler